About the Speaker

Prof. Mike Martin

Prof. Dr. Mike Martin is professor for gerontology at the University of Zurich, Switzerland. His research focus is on the causes of healthy aging (WHO, 2015; 2020) and quality of life stabilization in real life. He uses longitudinal studies combining measurements of abilities, skills, traits, goals, beliefs, high-density real life activities and environmental opportunities to test individual-specific and situation-aware predictor models of healthy aging for public health applications. He received his M.A. at The University of Georgia, his PhD at The University of Mainz, and his habilitation at The University of Heidelberg. He directs the Gerontology Center, the University Research Priority Program on Healthy Aging, and the UZH Healthy Longevity Innovation Cluster. He is a member of the WHO Working Group on Research Standards for Healthy Aging and coordinates a global network of research and innovation centers dedicated to healthy aging innovation.

Decade of Healthy Ageing

With a groundbreakingly new dynamic healthy aging concept, the World Health Organization and the United Nations have initiated a global “Decade of Healthy Aging” to make major improvements in public health around the world. Its goal is the massive improvement of the contexts and conditions promoting functional ability across the lifespan and until extreme old age. In essence, this public health concept suggests to exploit the opportunities of modern technologies, participatory research, and transdiciplinary health expertise to provide real-time and real-life health data to support healthy communities in longliving societies. The presentation will highlight the new features of this public health concept and its implications for decision-makers, researchers, and practitioners.