HKU Team

Prof. Terry LUM

Principal Investigator

Professor Terry Lum is Professor of Department of Social Work and Social Administration and the Henry G Leong Professor of Social Work and Social Administration at The University of Hong Kong. His research focuses on elderly services and policies. He is currently directing several large scale social interventions to prevent physical frailty and geriatric depression and to develop innovative models of medical social collaboration. Professor Lum received his undergraduate training in Economics and graduate training in Social Work at the University of Hong Kong. He received his doctorial training in social policy at the Washington University in St. Louis. He had taught in the University of Minnesota for 12 years before he joined the University of Hong Kong in 2011. He was elected as a Fellow by the Gerontological Society of America in 2011 and was awarded the Career Leadership Award by the Association of Gerontology Education in Social Work (AGESW) in the United States in 2016.

Dr. Wai Chi CHAN

Co-principal investigator

Dr. Chan joined the Department of Psychiatry in November 2012 as a clinical associate professor. He is also an honorary research fellow of Sau Po Centre on Ageing, a member of HKU Alzheimer’s Disease Research Network, and an associate member of State Key Laboratory of Brain & Cognitive Sciences, HKU. As an honorary consultant at Queen Mary Hospital, he is heading the psychogeriatric service in the Hong Kong West Cluster, and a tutor and trainer of psychiatric trainees of the hospital. His research focuses on longitudinal follow-up of older persons to identify the predictors of neurocognitive disorders, prevalence and interventions of behavioural and psychological symptoms associated with neurocognitive disorders, caregiver burden and intervention, interventions for late-life depression and psychiatric epidemiology.

Dr. Gloria WONG

Co-principal investigator

Dr. Gloria Wong is Associate Professor at the Department of Social Work and Social Administration, The University of Hong Kong, where she has received her Psychology and Psychiatry training. Dr Wong’s work focuses on mental health services for older persons, young people, as well as services for specific conditions such as and dementia. A key theme in her work is early intervention and prevention. She has led and is leading multiple large-scale mental health service evaluation research commissioned by the government and NGOs, including integrated care and stepped care model services that involve cross-sectoral collaboration. Many of these studies have led to scaling up or ‘regularisation’ of the service. Over 1,000 professionals (social work, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, nursing, speech therapy) have been trained on mental health care through her knowledge exchange activities.

Ms. Angie SHUM


Angie is a clinical psychologist and training consultant of the team. She received her training and Master’s Degree in clinical psychology in the United States. She has worked as clinical psychologist in different educational settings and private clinic. She has been working extensively with young children, youth and adults on issues of suicide and grief. She has provided play therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy and positive psychology for patients and children with mental disorders and emotional disturbance.

Dr. Stephanie WONG


Dr. Stephanie Wong is Research Assistant Professor at the Department of Social Work and Social Administration and the Project Manager (Research) of the JC JoyAge project. She received her PhD in psychiatry from the University of Hong Kong and has since been working on multiple projects involving populations spanning from clinical samples with psychotic disorders, community samples with at-risk mental state and high-risk depressive symptoms, as well as epidemiological samples. Her research interests involve the identification of early markers and risk factors for mental disorders in community members, particularly the influences of environmental factors and their interactions with personal factors, in the hope to inform early preventative intervention work. She has also been actively exploring the use of low-stigma and digital approaches in the assessment of mental health needs and the delivery of interventions as means to improve awareness and help-seeking among the general public.

Dr. Dara LEUNG


Dr Dara Leung is a Research Assistant Professor in the Department of Social Work and Social Administration at The University of Hong Kong, where she obtained her PhD specialising in dementia studies. With master’s degrees in health psychology and Buddhist studies, she is interested in research revolving around dementia, late-life mental health, and Buddhist psychology. Her current research focuses on conceptualising and cultivating compassion in older people and their carers, with the aim of improving their overall well-being. She is also keen to explore how information and communication technology can enhance the access and efficacy of psychosocial interventions for older people with dementia and mental health problems.

Mr. Raymond CHAN


Raymond is a registered social worker. He has experience in working with older adults, cancer patients, people with mental challenges and all of their family members. He is interested in applying holistic approaches for example the Satir Model, mindfulness to clinical work and supervision.

Mr. Nicholas CHEUNG


Nicholas is a registered social worker. He has experience in working with mental health in youth and aging population, male victims of domestic violence and people with social disadvantage. He is interested in the practices of experiential learning and somatic experiencing. He believes in the strength-based approach while providing clinical social work and supervision.

Ms. Stella WONG


Stella is a registered social worker. She has served in different settings, including hostels, schools, family and elderly centers. She is also experienced in volunteer training, development and management. She believes continuous participation in the community is the key in maintaining elderly’s physical, mental, social and spiritual health.

Ms. Wing Yin FOR


As a budding social worker, Ms. For is dedicated to working with older adults susceptible to mental health challenges, as well as providing support to caregivers and fostering their resilience and competence. She is interested in both clinical practice and research, hoping to integrate them into her efforts to promote older adult mental health. She also strives to induce positive changes in the community, whether it is through advocating for mental health awareness, or implementing interventions that cater to the unique needs of her clients.

Mr. Ken HO


Ken is a registered social worker. He is a compassionate social worker dedicated to empowering the elderly and promoting mental health. With a deep passion for working with older adults, he is dedicated to empowering older adults and is driven to foster positive change and enhance community awareness surrounding mental health issues. He firmly believes in the value of understanding each individual and their unique circumstances, and integrating them into the community, recognizing the profound impact of social connections on overall well-being. 

Dr. Yun-Han WANG


Dr. Yun-Han Wang received her PhD in Psychology from King’s College London, and a BA Honours degree in Psychology from the University of British Columbia with her identical twin, Yun-Lin. Her PhD investigated the underpinning factors of resilience. She is interested in promoting mental health and resilience among stressful populations, such as the elderly. She has lived in Taiwan, New Zealand, India, Singapore, Canada, the United Kingdom, and is now excited to explore Hong Kong. 

Dr. Yun-Lin WANG


Dr. Yun-Lin Wang obtained her PhD from King’s College London and her BA Honours degree in Psychology from the University of British Columbia. Her research focuses on intervention development and prediction of outcome. She is very passionate about promoting mental wellness using empirical and theoretical approaches. Besides, she and her identical twin sister, Yun-Han, support community mental health programs through charity concerts.

Mr. Bowen CHEUNG

Public Education Officer

Bowen supports both public awareness and peer supporter matters in JoyAge. He aspires to promote positive ageing, mental health literacy, and stigma reduction in mental health in Hong Kong, by working with older adults and other stakeholders.

Ms Coco LEE

Content Creator

Coco has strong background in media production. She mainly supports public awareness matters in JoyAge and create supporting materials which is suitable to older adults, aiming to raise older adult mental health literacy among the general public and to promote older adult mental health wellbeing in the society.

Ms. Kammily CHEUNG


Kammily has worked in media field as a reporter, producer and anchor after graduated from Hong Kong Baptist University in Broadcast Journalism major. She is enthusiastic about promoting elderly mental wellness and eliminating prejudices towards mental health problems by utilizing her media relations experience.

Mr. Eric YIU


Eric is particularly interested in investigating the mental health condition and depressive symptoms of older adults. He is also deeply committed to promoting elderly mental health and preventing elderly depression.

Mr. Oscar CHAN


Oscar is particularly interested in investigating mental health challenges in older adults. He strives to advocate successful aging, elderly mental wellness, and the importance of destigmatization by increasing public awareness and understanding.

Ms. Zuna NG

SENIOR Research Assistant

Zuna is interested in experimental study particually in late life mental health and resilience. She is passionate in working with at-risk individuals and hopes to enhance public awareness about old age emotional wellness and mental disorder prevention.

Mr. Hotinpo Sky KANAGAWA

Research Assistant

Graduated with Psychology major with experience in documenting mental illness, working closely with researchers, psychologists, and mental health workers. Interest in alternative treatment for mental illness, to reduce stigmatization of mental health issues and increase the accessibility for treatment in non-clinical clients. Works well with diverse client populations in one-on-one and group settings.

Ms. Jessica LEE

Research Assistant

As a driven research assistant with Psychology major, Jessica aspires to contribute to psychology research and expand knowledge in the field in a hands-on manner. She is committed to being a member of community psychological services in Hong Kong.

Ms. Pik Ying CHAN

Executive Officer

Pik Ying supports the administrative operations of the project.