About the Speaker

Prof. Tracy Lu

City University of Hong Kong

Professor LU’s academic goal is to improve healthy aging in society through various scientific approaches. As our rapidly aging society faces many challenges (e.g., a shortage of care workers and the financial substantiality of the long-term care system), she is eager to explore the social determinants of health in later life and the community-based solutions to respond to those challenges. This is built on three interrelated lines of inquiry: (1) how environmental and social-behavioral factors shape well-being and physical and mental health in later life; (2) community-based innovation (e.g., timebanking) to promote productive engagement of older persons; and (3) economic evaluation and impact assessment of the social innovations to promote healthy aging. She is the principal and co-investigator to external competitive research grants funded by the Research Grants Council and HK Jockey Club Charities Trust, totaling over HK$ 10 million. She obtained Healthy Longevity Catalyst Awards (Hong Kong) from Research Grants Council in 2023. She is actively engaged in knowledge exchange activities and works closely with non-profit organizations in the Greater Bay Area and beyond.


Effectiveness and Cost-effectiveness of a Collaborative Stepped-care Model for Late-life Mental Health—JC JoyAge