About the Speaker

Prof. Gloria Wong

The University of Hong Kong

Professor Gloria Wong is Honorary Associate Professor of the Department of Social Work and Social Administration, The University of Hong Kong. Prof. Wong received her undergraduate training in Philosophy & Psychology and PhD training in Psychiatry from The University of Hong Kong. Her research aims to apply knowledge of these disciplines to improve well-being of people with mental health conditions, including dementia and psychosis, and preventive mental health in older people and young adults. She has been co-leading two large-scale preventive mental health programmes, JC JoyAge and LevelMind@JC, to co-develop with stakeholders models of effective community mental health prevention. Her previous government consultancy research has facilitated the routine provision of the Dementia Community Support Scheme, improving access to care and intervention for thousands of families living with dementia every year. These research projects have been translated into over 130 international peer-reviewed journal papers, six book chapters, and two books. Beyond academic research, Gloria actively serves the community by advising NGOs and supporting professional/public education. She is currently the Director of Training for Cognitive Stimulation Therapy-Hong Kong. She has trained over 900 health and social care professionals from Hong Kong, Macau, mainland China, and nearby regions.


Effectiveness and Cost-effectiveness of a Collaborative Stepped-care Model for Late-life Mental Health – JC JoyAge


JC JoyAge has developed a successful evidence-based collaborative stepped-care preventative intervention in the community for older adults with depressive symptoms. From 2016 to 2023, we trained 5914 Ambassadors and 865 Peer Supporters, who have conducted over 290,000 sessions to render emotional support for older adults. 208 social workers have undergone intensive training and supervision in tackling elderly mental health using JC JoyAge interventions, and over 5,300 welfare professionals have participated in 68 professional training workshops organised by HKU. Aside from reaching over 100,000 older adults, JC JoyAge has benefitted near 8,500 symptomatic older adults, with 94% showing symptom improvements. Our data show that JC JoyAge is cost-effective in improving depression-free days and quality-adjusted life years. Since 2022, the JC JoyAge model has been expanded to all 18 districts of Hong Kong. JC JoyAge services will continue to be implemented across the whole territory in the Project’s new phase through 51 service units, including District Elderly Community Centre, the Integrated Community Centre for Mental Wellness, and District Health Centres. In this presentation, we will discuss the implications of JC JoyAge, as well as cost-effectiveness analysis, in building a primary mental healthcare system in Hong Kong and beyond.