About the Speaker

Ms. Wai Wai Kwok

Ms Wai Wai Kwok is the Project Manager (Clinical) of JC JoyAge in HKU and a Clinical Psychologist trained in the University of Melbourne. Ms. Kwok’s work focuses on establishing various clinical intervention initiatives, practice protocols, training and supervision for frontline social workers and mental health workers. She is currently leading the clinical intervention and service development, management consultation, and crisis intervention of the entire JC JoyAge Project, among the HKU research team. As a clinical psychologist, she is passionate in working with older adults, especially those who suffer from mental health issues and chronic pain. She is also interested in practicing Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.


Working With Older Adults With Suicide Risk


Worldwide, older adults have a significantly higher of suicide when compared to any other age group, and depression is an established risk factor for suicide. In 2021, Hong Kong recorded the highest number of older people suicides since the late 90s. Knowing the risk factors and recognizing the warning signs for suicide can help prevent suicide; however, older adults at risk for suicide have not received enough attention. Early warning signs are often overlooked by themselves, family members, and societies alike. To respond to the heightened depression and suicide risk in older people, the JC JoyAge project team developed the “‘Suicide Prevention and Postvention Toolkit” (toolkit) that cover from suicide prevention, intervention to postvention. In this workshop, the speaker will share the highlight of this toolkit, the risks of suicide in older adults, screening scales for suicidal risk assessment and crisis intervention will also be discussed.